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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Washington DUI Defense Lawyer, Brian M. Sullivan - Attorney at Law

Snohomish, King, Skagit, Whatcom County DUI / DWI Lawyer

The Answer to Your Best Defense.

DUI / DWI Solutions by Attorney Brian Sullivan.

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An Experienced DUI Lawyer:

Having a competent lawyer on your side who practices heavily as a DUI Defense Lawyer and is a member of DUI organizations is the most important thing you can do when charged with a DUI or other Criminal Traffic charge.

Attorney Brian M. Sullivan is a member of the National DUI College, the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and a former Snohomish County DUI prosecutor.

Brian has successfully defended numerous DUIs in Washington from Seattle to Kent, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Seattle, Monroe, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Lynnwood, Snohomish County, Everett, Marysville, Mount Vernon, and Anacortes.

Charged With DUI?

I Will Fight to Save Your License,

Protect Your Rights, & Keep You Out Of Jail.

Mandatory Minimum sentences in Washington mean that if you plead guilty to a DUI you must do jail time. Not only that, but you will be required to pay heavy fines, be on probation, get an alcohol evaluation and follow-up treatment, not to mention having the stigma of a DUI conviction.

Don't get stuck with a DUI when you don't have to. I can't change what happened that night, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck witha DUI. Many of my clients are able to have their cases either dismissed or substantially reduced based on legal technicalities and other issues.

Find out what can be done now to improve your case!

The Law Office of Brian M. Sullivan at: (425) 322-1076



As your attorney, in addition to fighting the legal battle, I will personally help you navigate the difficulties of dealing with your DUI. Read on for more information about DUI charges in Washington State.
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Attorney Brian Sullivan is a has been an extern at the Washington Supreme Court (extern Clerk to Justice James M. Johnson), and a DUI prosecutor, and now is in private practice in Everett, Washington.
His solo practice is limited to mostly DUI Defense and Auto Accident Injuries. Mr. Sullivan also represents clients charged with other criminal charges, including felony alcohol offenses, marijuana or other drug charges, and all driving offenses.
While based in Snohomish County, Attorney Sullivan accepts cases around the state, including cases in King, Chelan, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties. For a free consultation with Attorney Sullivan, call his office at: (425) 322-1076.

Note: Persons arrested for DUI will be subject to additional criminal law penalties not addressed here -- including jail time, fines, and community service. Such criminal penalties are difficult to accurately predict without an experieneced DUI Attorney reviewing your case.
Generally speaking, those convicted of a first-time can expect to incur a fine, and face the possibility of jail time. Repeat DUI offenders will incur harsher fines, and will almost certainly be sentenced to a number of days in jail. Penalties will be harsher still if the DUI offender was involved in an accident in which someone else was injured or killed.
A Good DUI Defense Attorney will fight the probable cause to stop, arrest, FSTs, statements, and breath test. Success at any of these issues may get your case dismissed or the charge greatly reduced. If there was no probable cause, often the case must be dismissed!
Call Attorney Brian Sullivan for more information and a
FREE CONSULTATION: (425) 322-1076
*The above information is not legal advice about your case. Every charge and case is different - please consult a DUI Attorney about your case.
Call Attorney Brian Sullivan at (425) 322-1076 for a Free Consultation.

Attorney Brian M. Sullivan is Defending DUI's in:
Snohomish County, Washington: 98026 Edmonds, WA; 98204 Everett, WA; 98082 Mill Creek, WA; 98294 Sultan, WA; 98292 Stanwood, WA; 98291 Snohomish, WA; 98290 Snohomish, WA; 98258 Lake Stevens, WA; 98082 Bothell , WA; 98201 Everett, WA; 98087 Lynnwood, WA; 98036 Lynnwood, WA; 98271 Marysville, WA; 98043 Mountlake Terrace, WA; 98251 Gold Bar, WA; 98037 Lynnwood, WA; 98287 Silvana, WA; 98206 Everett, WA; 98252 Granite Falls, WA; 98223 Arlington, WA; 98241 Darrington, WA; 98207 Everett, WA; 98205 Everett, WA; 98296 Snohomish, WA; 98046 Lynnwood, WA; 98012 Bothell, WA; 98259 North Lakewood, WA; 98020 Edmonds, WA; 98270 Marysville, WA; 98272 Monroe, WA; 98203 Everett, WA; 98275 Mukilteo, WA; 98213 Everett, WA; 98293 Startup, WA; 98208 Everett, WA; 98256 Index, WA; 98021 Bothell, WA. Skagit County, Washington: All Zip's. Whatcom County, Washington: All Zips.
King County, Washington: 98134 Seattle, WA; 98138 Seattle, WA; 98136 Seattle, WA; 98139 Seattle, WA; 98141 Seattle, WA; 98144 Seattle, WA; 98073 Redmond, WA; 98027 Issaquah, WA; 98074 Sammamish, WA; 98129 Seattle, WA; 98025 Hobart, WA; 98102 Seattle, WA; 98072 Woodinville, WA; 98131 Seattle, WA; 98133 Seattle, WA; 98070 Vashon, WA; 98132 Seattle, WA; 98071 Auburn, WA; 98288 Skykomish, WA; 98168 Seattle, WA; 98158 Seattle, WA; 98160 Seattle, WA; 98093 Federal Way, WA; 98170 Seattle, WA; 98155 Seattle, WA; 98161 Seattle, WA; 98092 Auburn, WA; 98165 Seattle, WA; 98166 Seattle, WA; 98164 Seattle, WA; 98083 Kirkland, WA; 98089 Kent, WA; 98154 Seattle, WA; 98148 Seattle, WA; 98075 Sammamish, WA; 98101 Seattle, WA; 98181 Seattle, WA; 98145 Seattle, WA; 98146 Seattle, WA; 98178 Seattle, WA; 98174 Seattle, WA; 98171 Seattle, WA; 98151 Seattle, WA; 98177 Seattle, WA; 98175 Seattle, WA; 98077 Woodinville, WA; 98045 North Bend, WA; 98042 Covington, WA; 98042 Kent , WA; 98115 Seattle, WA; 98113 Seattle, WA; 98114 Seattle, WA; 98194 Seattle, WA; 98041 Bothell, WA; 98106 Seattle, WA; 98035 Kent, WA; 98116 Seattle, WA; 98038 Maple Valley, WA; 98107 Seattle, WA; 98040 Mercer Island, WA; 98039 Medina, WA; 98195 Seattle, WA; 98199 Seattle, WA; 98108 Seattle, WA; 98053 Redmond, WA; 98054 Redondo, WA; 98056 Renton, WA; 98055 Renton, WA; 98224 Baring, WA; 98052 Redmond, WA; 98047 Pacific, WA; 98112 Seattle, WA; 98198 Seattle, WA; 98050 Preston, WA; 98109 Seattle, WA; 98111 Seattle, WA; 98051 Ravensdale, WA; 98057 Renton, WA; 98124 Seattle, WA; 98185 Seattle, WA; 98064 Kent, WA; 98030 Kent, WA; 98031 Kent, WA; 98188 Seattle, WA; 98122 Seattle, WA; 98184 Seattle, WA; 98125 Seattle, WA; 98126 Seattle, WA; 98127 Seattle, WA; 98028 Kenmore, WA; 98065 Snoqualmie, WA; 98068 Snoqualmie Pass, WA; 98029 Issaquah, WA; 98190 Seattle, WA; 98034 Kirkland, WA; 98117 Seattle, WA; 98033 Kirkland, WA; 98063 Federal Way, WA; 98058 Renton, WA; 98059 Renton, WA; 98062 Seahurst, WA; 98118 Seattle, WA; 98119 Seattle, WA; 98121 Seattle, WA; 98032 Kent, WA; 98103 Seattle, WA; 98105 Seattle, WA; 98191 Seattle, WA; 98104 Seattle, WA; 98014 Carnation, WA; 98001 Auburn, WA; 98011 Bothell, WA; 98013 Burton, WA; 98023 Federal Way, WA; 98022 Enumclaw, WA; 98019 Duvall, WA; 98024 Fall City, WA; 98015 Bellevue, WA; 98005 Bellevue, WA; 98006 Bellevue, WA; 98003 Federal Way, WA; 98004 Bellevue, WA; 98002 Auburn, WA; 98009 Bellevue, WA; 98010 Black Diamond, WA; 98007 Bellevue, WA; 98008 Bellevue, WA.

Please remember: every case is different, and nothing on this page constitutes legal advice.

Client testimonials are no indication of how a particular case will be resolved.
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