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Friday, December 18, 2009

Assault Arrests Increasingly Leading to No Contact Order Violations

In my recent experiences in the Everett Municipal and other Snohomish County District and City Courts, more and more men and women charged with assault are facing more and more penalties.

In part, this is because people who get involved in assault cases may need treatment or other remedies. But a major contributing factor is the Cycle of Domestic Violence, and how many Washington Legislators and Courts choose to deal with such cases.

A Domestic Violence call to a residence requires (where both parties are there when the police arrive) the "primary aggressor" to be arrested and taken to jail. While this can be a very important and helpful thing to true Domestic Violence victims, there are many cases where the wrong person is arrested. I have had many female clients who were arrested on Assault Domestic Violence charges, when in fact they were the true victims. No contact orders may then be put into place that bar these women from their homes. Many prosecutors take weeks or longer to recognize their error - if ever.

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